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About Us

The Background
Formerly the Machinery & Export Division of a multi national company, Tinco was incorporated in 1994 through a management buy out. With a team of over 30 professionals and offices in strategic locations in Hong Kong and China, Tinco is well positioned to provide the best possible products and services to its customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

The Scope Of Business
Capitalizing on the management team's vast experiences in industrial distribution and exports, Tinco maintains two major business sectors.

Tinco has over the years, established highly effective distribution networks in Hong Kong and Southern China for various lines of quality industrial products. (Please refer to our product guide for more details). A lot of effort has recently been put into developing the market in Eastern and Northern China.

We pride ourselves as the pioneer in introducing automation products and concepts to our broad customer base in China, which includes textiles, plastics, machine tools, household appliances and manufacturers in general. Our-hard earned reputation as a solution provider to customers' automation challenges helps open more doors in new industries and markets.

Whether it is promoting to a key account demanding professional engineering advice or setting up a dedicated dealer network for general industrial supplies, our sales professionals feel equally at home.

Sourcing And Export
Long before China becomes "The World's Factory", Tinco has been exporting many of its products to customers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Major products include builder hardware, plumbing fixtures, electrical appliance and sporting goods.

In addition standard sourcing, we often provide quality inspection, logistics and concept- to-finish services.

We supply :


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